weedend palato

I Weekend del Palato – Eccellenze di Sicilia

Weekend of the palate

A gourmets’ delight, a journey for the palate of Sicily’s specialities


From 14th  to 21st April

Amidst sea and countryside, the Sicilian vines are caressed by a breeze that confers on the grapes a unique maturation, bestowing the wine with its typical and unmistakable flavours. Persistent and pleasant flavours, aromas that blend together with the the colours of the landscape. A journey that will enthuse even the palates of the most exigent and the minds of the most curious, a plunge that is out of this world.

Cerasuolo di vittoria gets its flavours from Val di Noto and in the Baroque heart exhaulting its characteristics and embracing all of the senses.  Warm ricotta, freshly baked bread from wood burning ovens, Modica’s chocolate, visits to and tastings at vineyards that are hundreds of years old set in the Ragusan countryside provide you with an unforgettable experience, showing off Sicily in its best light: in its excellence of taste which blends with the spectacle of its land.

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