Val di Noto

The Sicilian “Valley of Food”set amidst architecture, shopping and UNESCO World heritage sites.

The other face of Sicily, the possible Sicily, the kingdom of kingdoms. The black and white Sicily of Giuseppe Leone’s photography, the dazzling candor of its Baroque palaces and the shade of its  ancient carob trees. Prosperous Sicily, custodian of her beauty, refractory to speculation and abuse. Sicily’s food valley is  a constellation of ‘starred’restaurants, a great number of oils, cheeses to be put out on show – literally – so many that the consorsium of safeguarding and evaluation, Corfilac, is creating the first ‘cacioteca’ (cheese shop) in Italy. We are in Val di Noto, the southern most tip of Trinacria, the Baroque treasure trove consecrated in 2002 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Shopping art and curiosities



With its glamorous shops and historic shop windows, its show-rooms and small sartorial boutiques, it is certainly Sicily’s most elegant city. For those of you who love shopping it will be pure joy to stroll through its streets.

Sicilia Outlet Village

Sicilia outlet village

With over 130 shops, it is the largest, most exclusive Sicilian shopping centre, the first in Sicily to offer the pleasure of luxury at a price you can afford.
In the shops you can buy your favourite designer label collections at discounted prices – from 30% to 70% off the listed price.
The charm and style of “made in Italy” in a village that is easily accessible, having restaurants, as well as play areas. If you have travelled from out side of Europe, shopping at Sicilia outlet village is even more convenient thanks to its tax refunds at the time of shopping within those shops that adhere to this convention.



Ragusa is renowned for its beautiful embroidery and in particular its Sicilian threading, a technique carried out exclusively on linen, dating back to the 15th century in eastern Sicily and prized all over the world.
Another technique which is closely connected to the area is ‘filet’, originating in France it became a part of the Ragusan handicraft tradition. Filet lace consists in knotting on a fine net base to create exquisite designs and patterns which are then applied on to fabic. You can buy samples of these beautiful fabrics, decorated with filet lace: table cloths, towels and bed linen embellished with Sicilian filet lace.

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