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Relaxation staff
Our centre is run by Dr. Giovanna Di Falco, a specialist in Neurology and in the treatment of physical and psycho-sensorial pathologies.
Dr.Di Falco has been the director of CSR Ragusa since 1995 and a reference point for the main rehabilitation centres in the province.

A first class medical-rehabilitative and regenerative area is available to all our guests providing specialist services with expert qualified staff: staff made up of professionals in rehabilitation, physiatry, therapy, massage to look after your psycho-physical well-being using avantegard instruments and techniques.
Through the care of your body, we help our guests to rediscover their psycho-physical balance and improve the relationship between body and mind.



Re-education is the sum of technique and therapy carried out to correct the motor dificulties or posture of those who have not necessarily been subject to motor damage or deficit, but who often have painful symptoms.
Experience and study have allowed our therapists to reach a very high level of competence in therapies dedicated to re-education using the most effective postural therapy (Rieducazione Posturale Globale Meziers, Souchard, Vogelbach).



Rehabilitation is aimed at motor and functional recuperation of deficits following pathological or traumatic events, or surgery.
Physiokinesitherapy is carried out to recuperate the functioning of articulation and muscles that have been compromised by painful symptoms.
Our centre avails itself of therapies that are methodically advanced such as kabat, bobath, conosciative theraputic exercise (Perfetti), neuromuscular taping.

I massaggi e le pietre

I massaggi e le pietre

General well-being comes from involving all of the senses and when movement and pressure combine with stones, oils and essences it is possible to reach an energic harmony from which stems an over-all feeling of well-being.
Physically there is improved venous return, the stimulation of the lymphatic system and an improvement in arterial circulation.
From a mental point of view there is a profound distension favouring the knowledge of the unity of ones body, an increase in sensitivity to feeling at home in your own body.

  • Laser therapy

    Beneficial to relieving arthritic pain of various natures from rheumatoid to degenerative arthritus. It acts as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Ultra-sound

    Consists in sound waves which act as a heat treatment and has a massaging effect resulting in disolving small calcifications and blockages.

  • Analgesic electro-therapy

    There are different types of electrical currents that work as pain killers: Iontophoresis, Tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Electro Stimulation, Diadynamic, Interferential Therapy.

  • Tecartherapy

    Energy is stimulated from inside the biological tissue activating the natural reparative anti-inflammatory processes.

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